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Bazoeka Jo Partners

A+D Collective operates on the basis of equal collaboration between the artist and 'Bj A+D Collective', with the goal of producing an object or series of objects and bringing them to market through participation in international art fairs.
Prior to the sale, 'Bj A+D Collective' and the artist determine the amounts that the artist and 'Bj A+D Collective' will receive. These amounts reflect the efforts of the artist to prepare their design for production and the efforts of 'Bj A+D Collective' to guide the production, sell the object, and manage the entire process.el te financieren.
The agreement is that the artist will not offer identical or similar objects for sale, and 'Bj A+D Collective' will not produce more than the agreed-upon number of objects.

This way, both parties retain the freedom to pursue their own paths outside of this collaboration. The artist can sell other works as they see fit, and 'Bj A+D Collective' is not obligated to market more works than the agreed-upon objects. It's a simple agreement that enables effective collaboration.

Extra information

The International Art Fairs

It happens that galleries at an International Art Fair purchase work through 'Bj A+D Collective' and want to offer it for a higher amount through their gallery. In that case, 'Bj A+D Collective' charges a surcharge on the price. This surcharge is shared with the artist.

An additional advantage of this form of collaboration with galleries is that the market value of the object increases and the artist gains a better reputation on the international playing field.